Leading sustainable change

"Balanced Change Process©" is a method for integrated and successful change, in both people and organisations. You realise your project with a balanced cohesion between the need for change, internal and external co-operation, rules of the game, phasing-in, celebrating results and leading the process.

"Transformational leadership": a Leadership Development programme at MBA level with a European/International flavour. Participants are challenged to apply proven technology and cutting-edge developments in their own specific cases and to present their results to the company board.
"Communication", "Leadership" and "Project management": certified courses in cooperation with "Persona, USA" for employees and management.

"Organisation scan": Define your current and desired positions in market, organisation phase and people mindset. Would you like added information regarding possible solutions and management concepts, or would you prefer a personal consultation on the subject of natural growth potentials within your company? For people and organisations who (want to) develop.

"Project management" and "Interim management": Changing organisations require agile people with an open mind. You can enhance moving people and organisations. With Astrix consult you have clear agreements, concrete objectives and results, as well as direct and transparent communication. It is, after all, a matter of mutual trust. Anyone can buy a toolkit, but the architect and the builder ascertain the beauty of the result.

"Secondment" and "Recruting": Solution in availability of people. Astrix finds the people you are looking for. Because of an extensive network and because of the combination with coaching and development. Ask for it, you only pay for success.