Track record

Track record Engagement experience
Energy distribution company "Steering on results and developing competencies"
Analysis of primary process, results, key performance indicators, competencies and implementation of appraisal system.
"Project management"
Analysis of project processes, training in project management and implementation on-the-job.
"Process analysis and job descriptions"
Analysis of tasks, function description and results
Energy distribution company "Coaching"
Help for business unit director in strategy, structure, issue-solving and personal development
"Creative thinking"
Brainstorming on new service concepts and a new brand name.
National Bank "Planning and control of organisation and personnel plans"
Implementation of planning and control cycle for business planning; preparing personnel department for integral management and consultancy.
Central Banks in Europe

"Transformational Leadership in a European Context"
Training course at management level, comprising:

  • Planning & Control· Strategy
  • Operational management
  • Human driving forces and personalities
  • Coaching and team coaching
  • Balanced Score Card, Balanced Competence Matrix
  • Managing diversity
  • Human Value Management
European National Bank "Competence management"
Renewed competence management concept and pilot project in consultation with line managers.