Personal development

"I-opener" supports the psychology, cooperation and communication of people. You increase self-knowledge and you assess quick the qualities inherent in the other. Collaboration is far easier if people understand behaviour patterns. Communication is effective if people really do understand and respond to it. You get action in the desired direction.

You extend the programme by adding "Ray of Light" to it; this is designed specifically to foster both Personal and Team development. Thus enabling you to dis-cover your own qualities and potentials, as well as those of your team. In practice people develop and give of their best when they are allowed to use their talents in the best way they know how. Astrix consult focuses on the positive image you have of yourself and your organisation, here and now. In "Ray of Light" people are: stars (*=asterix).

A particular interesting way of motivation is the "Fascination cascade". This programme mobilises people's natural interest into action and result within the organisation as a whole. Fascination, inspiration and personal values constitute an ever-growing driving force in the creation of added value. Astrix's abiding passion is service "par excellence" plus high quality leadership based on (moral) values.