To innovation

With the "Balanced Competence Matrix"© you tap talents and develop people. This matrix makes it easy to develop and challenge personal qualities/capacities. Not by means of a heavy administrative competence system, but rather by simple and practical application. Together with Astrix consult you shape predictable results and make it a living experience.

At this particular stage you also benefit with "I-opener", "Ray of Light" (coaching) and "Fascination cascade". Press button I-opener or see 'personal development'.

Targets are mostly final goals. They are but a start. "Balanced Innovation" gives you the opportunity to exceed far beyond your objectives. Together with Astrix consult you integrally rejuvenate products or services, markets and environments. "Creative thinking and working", redesign of processes ("less is more…"), "Monitoring" developments (global) and real implementation by "Dynamic Business Modelling".