To diversification

Why asks the client you? What can you offer him over and above good account managing ans a job well done? In "Client orientation" meetings Astrix consult works closely with your own people in order to achieve improved communication with, and service to, the client. Your client enjoys the benefits of a personal, careful, well-directed and distinguishing service.

What possibilities do you have for stretching flexibility? Organisations make demands on their personnel and individuals have their own wishes. In practice, flexibility is limited by low product assortment/volume or by allowing too little space for human potential. The flex-scan "Flexibility portfolio and mental agility" enables you to optimise in a focussed and detailed way, your flexibility goal and tells you how to get there. At the same time you work on "Employability" of co-workers and managers.

What is going wrong when your department isn't there? What is the value added to the client? And, lets face it, it's the client in the end who judges the result. By applying the "Result oriented working (MBO)" module people see their unique contribution to both business and client success. You direct results and appraise performance. The "Balanced Scorecard" is proven technology for results in all aspects of business. You create synergy and involvement.