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(€ 100,--) "Development phases": Deeper explanation and description of development phases in organisations; powerpoint
(€ 100,--) "I-opener": Communication psychology; powerpoint
(€ 300,--) "Fascination cascade": Methods and tools for fascination as a source of motivation and added value.
(€ 250,--) "Organisation scan©": Determine your current and desired position with this test. The price is per group of maximum 10 persons.
(€ 200,--) "Balanced Change Process©": sustainable successful change; powerpoint
(€ 500,--) "X-ray": Added Value Analysis and benchmarking. Spreadsheet in excel included.
(€ 100,--) "Planning and Control for HR". powerpoint
(€ 100,--) "Self steering groups". powerpoint
(€ 300,--) "Flexibility portfolio and mental agility". powerpoint & questionnaire
(€ 250,--) "Result oriented work": realising results.
"Balanced Scorecard": steering results. Together one presentation, powerpoint
(€ 400,--) "Balanced Competence Matrix"©. Practical and dynamic; powerpoint
(€ 400,--) "Excellent qualities": The architecture; applicable and adaptable.
(€ 750,--) "Basic competency descriptions". Library of competencies.
(€ 100,--) "Creative thinking": manual for pretty disturbed workshops.
(€ 200,--) "Internet-based ERM and organisational impact": powerpoint
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