Astrix, what's in a name?

Astrix consult

the fascination between people and organisation

Organisations represent vibrant relationships between people and markets, between processes and management structures. Such relationships, like eco-systems throughout the world, are all about how living organisms interact with the world around them. Growth, change and development are natural processes in ecosystems.

Strix aluco, the Tawny owl (a strix), lives in forests and on the edges of woodlands. It has sharp eyes equipped to turn 360°, but is itself hardly visible and almost inaudible as it seeks its prey in the hours of dawn and dusk. It flies over woods and open areas, and along the ever-flowing waters of rivers and streams.

Astrix works in much the same way too: scouring an organisation's undergrowth and background; sharp observations, assessing its finer points, penetrating its complexities, ever mindful of the fact that change is inevitable in any living organisation:

moving people and organisations through times.

Astrix consult or "a strix consult", is a natural advice. It works because it takes countenance of the life/system combination, i.e. people and organisations.

Astrix is also associated with star, *. Bright stars in the firmament radiate sufficient light for a living organisation. Astrix consult focuses on the bright spots, the positive elements in both individuals and organisations.

In Greek mythology, the owl represents Thene(Minerva), the goddess of wisdom, warfare, arts and sciences. It also recalls the Gealic hero, Asterix. Any resemblance these figures share, is purely coincidental, but if they bring to your mind such qualities as invincibility, intelligence, business acumen, creativity and smooth co-operation, We don't object.